Andrew S. Hoover

Graduate Student
New Mexico State University
Department of Physics

Snail Mail:
Physics Department
                New Mexico State University
                Box 30001, MSC 3D
                Las Cruces, NM 88003
Organ mountains. Las Cruces, NM

Beware of programmers with screwdrivers...
RHIC ring on Long Island
My dissertation

My defense presentation

ARCNet at PHENIX tutorial

Overview of PHENIX Muon Tracker ARCNet software

PHENIX Muon Tracker ARCNet source code

Suggested reading list for the MuTr ARCNet programmer

Overview of MuTr DST QA software

Strangeness in Quark Matter 2003 talk (.pdf)

PHENIX Analysis Note 160 (J/Psi Polarization)

BLR Pulse Fitting Study (.ps)

MuTr FEE Board Testing Records (south arm)

DC Muon Ops Meeting (12/12/01), MuTr South FEE Performance summary (StarOffice), (PowerPoint)

Heavy Meeting (12/06/01) J/Psi polarization slides (StarOffice), (.ps)

Maui 2001 APS talk (StarOffice) (.ps), Talk abstract(.ps)

Quark Matter 2001 poster (PowerPoint), Poster abstract (.ps)
Inside the RHIC tunnel PHENIX experimental hall